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2010-2011 CATALOG 

Regents Online Degrees

Regents Online Degree Programs offered by Chattanooga State

Degree: Associate of Applied Science
Major: Professional Studies 
Concentration: Information Technology
Degree: Associate of Applied Science
Major: Health Information Technology 
Degree: Associate of Arts
Major: General Studies 
Degree: Associate of Science
Major: General Studies 

Teacher Education Online

Each of the six Tennessee Board of Regents universities will be addressing online programs for teacher education. Details at

What is “RODP”?

“RODP” stands for “Regents Online Degree Programs.” The universities, colleges, and technology centers of the Board of Regents System of Tennessee public education have combined resources to enable students to get certain degrees completely online. For more information, go here:

What are “RODP classes”?

RODP classes are courses offered by all of the TBR institutions state-wide. These classes are delivered completely online. Find a list of all classes here: Click on the course title to see the syllabus.

How do I enroll in RODP classes?

You enroll in RODP classes the same way you enroll in regular CSTCC classes. You must (1) be admitted to the college, (2) see an advisor, (3) register for RODP online classes along with any other CSTCC classes that you would like to take.

How do I recognize RODP classes?

RODP classes are designated as “R50” sections.

If I want to take an RODP class, do all of my classes have to be RODP?

No. You can mix and match CSTCC traditional classes, hybrid classes, video classes, online classes, and RODP online classes interchangeably. Courses delivered in all of these methods will show up on your transcript simply as CSTCC courses.

Do RODP classes count the same as CSTCC classes?

Yes. RODP classes have the same number, title, and content as CSTCC courses. They count the same as CSTCC classes.

Do RODP classes transfer?

Yes. They transfer just as any other CSTCC courses would. To make sure, visit “RODP Equivalency Chart with CSTCC” on CSTCC’s Advising web page

How do my RODP grades show on my transcript?

They show up as your grades for having taken CSTCC classes. (If you were to take RODP classes through another institution, then the grades would show up as grades from that institution.)

Do RODP online classes cost more than CSTCC online classes?

Yes. You must pay a per-credit-hour fee of $43. Also, you must pay for all credit hours, even after the first 12 hours.

Will my financial aid apply to RODP classes? Yes.

How do I get books?

To find out what books you need for RODP classes, go to You may buy the books there, new or used. CAUTION: Oftentimes the books for RODP classes are not the same as the books listed for the same class at CSTCC. You should not go to the CSTCC Bookstore to get RODP books.

When can I log in to my RODP classes?

You will be able to log in to your RODP classes on the day classes begin. Your username and password will not work until then.

How do I log in to my RODP class?

On the first day of class, go to and follow the directions for log in.

Who will be my instructor?

Your instructor will be a full-time or adjunct instructor for one of the TBR institutions.

Who is my advisor?

Your advisor should be an expert in your major field who can guide you through your degree program. If you want to take a class online, you can check the CSTCC list for 971 section classes. If CSTCC does not list the course, look for an RODP R50 section. Your advisor can help you select the RODP course you need. If you have declared one of the programs listed on the RODP web site for a major, then you may be assigned to the RODP Campus Contact for advising.

What are “RODP programs of study”?

These are programs that can be (but do not have to be) completed totally online. You can follow one of these programs and still mix and match CSTCC and RODP online classes, as you wish. The “RODP program” is simply a listing of classes leading to a degree: If CSTCC is your home institution when you receive your RODP program degree, then you receive a CSTCC degree in that field.

Do I have to follow an RODP program of study to take RODP classes?

No. You can take RODP classes anytime for any reason. They are interchangeable with CSTCC classes (but are a bit more expensive).

To enroll for these courses, please follow directions at or call toll free 1-866-547-3733