Feb 05, 2023  
2010-2011 CATALOG 

Health Information Technology, A.A.S.


General Information on RODP Program

The RODP program is a collaborative venture among the five community colleges in Tennessee that have an accredited Health Information Technology/Management (HIT/HIM) Associate of Applied Science degree. These HIT/HIM programs are accredited by CAHIM. The importance of graduating from an accredited program is that program graduates are eligible to sit for the RIT credentialing exam upon completion of degree requirements. An agreement in the RODP collaboration is that a student who wants to enroll in the HIT program should enroll through the “home” college that geographically is closest to where the student resides.

The ROPD online program does not award degrees. Instead, the RODP website (elearn.rodp.edu) is a means of delivering the courses and assessments. Upon completion of degree requirements, the student is awarded his/her degree through the college where the student has enrolled. For example, a student who lives in the geographic area that is served by Chattanooga State Community College is the college where the student would apply. The student must meet the admission criteria for the college where the student is enrolled, as well as meet the admission criteria for the Health Information Management/Technology program at that college.

In the online RODP HIT program, there are two academic plans to consider - one is full-time and the other is part-time. If a student is working full-time and has family responsibilities, then the part-time academic plan is recommended.


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