Mar 02, 2021  
2012-2013 CATALOG 

Technology Education Concentration

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Applied Technology A.A.S. 

Technology Education Concentration 

 Business and Information Technologies

Associate of Applied Science Degree

The Technology Education concentration is intended for non-credentialed teachers in technical education programs at Tennessee Technology Centers, in high school technical education programs, and in proprietary technology schools. The program will provide an A.A.S. degree, which is the minimum SACS-approved credential for faculty in such programs. To gain admission to this program, students must present evidence of education and/or training in a technical area as provided in the Admissions Guidelines for the Associate of Applied Technology Degree, shown above, OR submit a portfolio for review and approval by the Chattanooga State Credit for Life Experience Committee. Such portfolio must include a letter of review from a subject matter expert in the area of technical training evaluating the applicant’s technical training and abilities. The portfolio composition, review and approval process will be governed by the policies of the Chattanooga State Credit for Life Experience Committee. Admitted students will be granted 30 hours of Advanced Placement credit upon completion of all transitional studies requirements and 15 hours of college credit with a GPA of 2.0 or above.

Career Opportunities 

Teacher at a Tennessee Technology Center, high school teacher in a technology education program, teacher at a proprietary technical school.

Summary of Required Hours

Fall (15/16)

  • (3)
  • **TELC 2008 Facilitating Learning through Assessment and Evaluation (3)

  • **TELC 2015 Survey of Exceptionalities & Diversity in Adult Learners (3)

  • Math/Natural Science Gen. Ed. Elective (3/4)

  • Social and Behavioral Science Gen. Ed. Elective (3)

Spring (45)

Total Hours: 60/61


*Approved Directed Electives: TELC 2014, 2016.

**TELC courses are all RODP and can be located on the following website:

***These hours count toward the degree but carry no quality points, do not count in calculation of the grade point average, and may not be used toward satisfaction of the graduation residency requirements for the A.A.S. degree. If the alternate credit is earned at Chattanooga State Community College and/or is part of student's academic transcript, the equivalent number of hours will be waived. 

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