Jul 16, 2024  
2012-2013 CATALOG 

President’s Message

HSC Building

Welcome to Chattanooga State, a college whose graduates find remarkable success in the workplace and in further study.

In a single generation Chattanooga State has become recognized as one of America’s premier community colleges – dynamic; innovative; a leader in an unusually wide variety of disciplines; technology rich; exceptionally responsive to students and to the business and industrial community; and a living laboratory for the development of more effective teaching-learning strategies.

Recognized throughout North America as a leader in online learning, Chattanooga State offers more than 600 courses on the Web and virtually all other classes are supported by Internet technology.  Chattanooga State also has robust satellite campuses in Rhea and Marion counties as well as in the Sequatchie Valley.  The College also has a special campus in East Brainerd, the Center for Education and Human Services.

Our many bold ventures including our unique partnerships with Volkswagen America and Wacker Chemical not only demonstrate entrepreneurship, they suggest the critical role the College plays in the life of the community and the region. 

Chattanooga State operates at the cutting edge so that student options continue to be the best in the region.

Chattanooga State – a great place to study, a national leader in technical education and advanced study, a key asset for business, industry and the health professions in the Tri-State area!

 I wish you the best in your study here.


James L. Catanzaro, Ph.D.