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2012-2013 CATALOG 

Regents Online Degrees

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Regents Online Degree Programs 

For more information,

·         RODP web site: http://www.rodp.org

·         RODP information number: 1-888-223-0023

·         Chattanooga State RODP Contact: rodpcontact@chattanoogastate.edu

·         Chattanooga State RODP information page: http://river.chattanoogastate.edu/orientations/rodp.html


What is “RODP”?

“RODP” stands for “Regents Online Degree Programs.” A “program” is a list of courses that leads to a degree.

 What are “RODP online classes”?

RODP classes are online courses offered together as a collaborative effort by all nineteen Tennessee Board of Regents colleges, which are

 Austin Peay University (Clarksville, TN)

East Tennessee State University (Johnson City, TN)

Middle Tennessee State University (Murfreesboro, TN)

Tennessee State University (Nashville, TN)

Tennessee Technological University (Cookeville, TN)

The University of Memphis (Memphis, TN)

Chattanooga State Community College (Chattanooga, TN)

Cleveland State Community College (Cleveland, TN)

Columbia State Community College (Columbia, TN)

Dyersburg State Community College (Dyersburg, TN)

Jackson State Community College (Jackson, TN)

Motlow State Community College (Tullahoma, TN)

Nashville State Community College (Nashville, TN)

Northeast State Community College (Blountville, TN)

Pellissippi State Community College (Knoxville, TN)

Roane State Community College (Harriman, TN)

Southwest Tennessee Community College (Memphis, TN)

Volunteer State Community College (Gallatin, TN)

Walters State Community College (Morristown, TN)

What are “Chattanooga State online classes”?

Chattanooga State also has its own online classes that have been created and are taught by Chattanooga State faculty.

Why would I want to take an RODP class?

Normally, you wouldn’t. Chattanooga State online classes are cheaper because RODP charges a fee. However, sometimes you can’t find the online class you want here at Chattanooga State. In that case, you might want to take it as an RODP class through Chattanooga State, as a Chattanooga State student. In RODP, Chattanooga State would then be known as your “home institution.” The grade you make in the RODP course would be recorded with your other grades on your Chattanooga State transcript as part of your coursework here.

Are RODP classes that I take through Chattanooga State considered to be Chattanooga State classes?

Yes. RODP classes taken through Chattanooga State are considered to be Chattanooga State classes. Admission, registration, and course credit processes are the same. The only differences between Chattanooga State online classes and RODP online classes are the following:

RODP online class login is at a different web page: http://elearn.rodp.org (instead of http://elearn.chattanoogastate.edu)

·         RODP online classes cost more (see http://www.rodp.org/financial-aid-tuition/paying-your-education)

·         RODP online classes may be designed and taught by instructors at other institutions (see list of TBR institutions above)

How do I enroll in RODP classes?

You enroll in RODP classes the same way you enroll in regular CSTCC classes. You must (1) be admitted to the college, (2) see an advisor, (3) register for RODP online classes along with any other CSTCC classes that you would like to take.

How do I recognize RODP online classes?

RODP classes are designated as “R50” or “R01” sections. “R50” means a regular 15-week long class. “R01” means an accelerated 7-week class.

How do I recognize Chattanooga State online classes?

Chattanooga State online classes are designated as sections “N01, N02, N03, etc.” (Don’t confuse online with night classes. Chattanooga State night classes are designated as sections “01N, 02N, 03N, etc.”)

If I want to take an RODP class, do all of my classes have to be RODP?

No. You can mix and match Chattanooga State traditional classes, Chattanooga State online classes, and RODP online classes interchangeably. Courses delivered in all of these methods will show up on your transcript as Chattanooga State courses.

Do RODP classes count the same as CSTCC classes?

Yes, IF the courses are equivalent. See the ChSCC-RODP Equivalency Chart {LINK} to make sure.

Do RODP classes transfer?

Yes. They transfer just as any other Chattanooga State courses would if they meet the requirement of the degree at the new institution. See the ChSCC-RODP Equivalency Chart {LINK} to make sure.

How do my RODP grades show on my transcript?

They show up as your grades for having taken Chattanooga State classes. (If you were to take RODP classes through another institution, then the grades would show up as grades from that institution.)

Do RODP online classes cost more than Chattanooga State online classes?

Yes. You must pay a per-credit-hour fee. Also, you must pay for all credit hours, even after the first 12 hours. See http://www.rodp.org/financial-aid-tuition/paying-your-education.

Will my financial aid apply to RODP classes?


How do I know what books to get for RODP classes?

You buy them from the RODP Bookstore: http://rodp.bkstr.com

CAUTION: Oftentimes the books for RODP classes are not the same as the books listed for the same class at CSTCC. You should NOT go to the CSTCC Bookstore to get RODP books.

What if my online books and materials don’t function correctly?

Chattanooga State staff and your instructor can help you get a new copy of your book/materials or get your money back IF – and only if - YOU ORDERED FROM THE RODP BOOKSTORE. If you buy elsewhere, you may get the material cheaper, but you run the risk of losing the money you spent if the materials don’t work. If you order from the RODP Bookstore, we can guarantee that the materials will work or we will make it right if they don’t.

Is it safe to buy my RODP books from Amazon or half.com or another online bookstore?

NO! Oftentimes, RODP classes use customized online materials that will not work if you buy the materials from any other source than the RODP Bookstore – even the publishers’ own sites. Neither your RODP instructor nor the Chattanooga State staff can help you get your money back if your materials don’t work and you have bought them anywhere besides the RODP Bookstore.

What if I need to use a financial aid voucher to get my RODP books?

Go to the RODP Bookstore http://rodp.bkstr.com. Get the ISBN number for your books. Take the information to the Chattanooga State Bookstore. If they have the same ISBN, buy it there. If they don’t, have them order the book. When it comes in, they will use your voucher as payment.

When can I log in to my RODP classes?

You will be able to log in to your RODP classes on the day classes begin. Your username and password will not work until then. Check the web site at http://elearn.rodp.org for the exact time and date you will be able to log in.

How do I log in to my RODP class?

On the first day of class, go to http://elearn.rodp.org and follow the directions for log in.

Who will be my instructor?

Your instructor will be a full-time or part-time instructor from one of the nineteen Tennessee Board of Regents institutions (see list above).

Who is my advisor?

Your advisor should be an expert in your major field who can guide you through your degree program. The program you choose may be on RODP’s list at http://www.rodp.org/degree-programs-courses/associates or at Chattanooga State’s list at http://www.chattanoogastate.edu/academics/

RODP Degrees Offered by Chattanooga State

Degree: Associate of Applied Science (A.A.S.)

Major: Professional Studies

Concentration: Information Technology

Degree: Associate of Applied Science

Major: Early Childhood Education


Degree: Associate of Applied Science

Major: Health Information Technology


Degree: Associate of Applied Science

Major: Web Technology (not yet available)


Degree: Associate of Applied Science

Major: Criminal Justice


Degree: Associate of Applied Science

Major: Fire Science (not yet available)


Degree: Associate of Arts

Major: General Studies  (*University Parallel)


Degree: Associate of Science

Major: General Studies (*University Parallel)


Degree: Associate of Science

Major: General Studies

Concentration: Teacher Aides/ Paraprofessionals Preparation (*University Parallel)


* The university parallel associate degree programs are designed for those students ultimately seeking bachelor degrees.