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2023-2024 CATALOG 
2023-2024 CATALOG
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DH 248 - Clinical Dental Hygiene 2

A progressive continuation of previous clinical application courses. Students will incorporate pain management techniques from DH
255, tobacco cessation, dietary risk assessment, implant care, and nutritional counseling in the patient appointment as appropriate.
Course includes supervised application and increased competency in instrumentation and patient management skills with emphasis
on moderate to advanced periodontics and adjunctive periodontal services. Students will have the opportunity to service patients
with various systemic, mental and physical disorders, including all age ranges from pediatric to geriatric clients. Continued
development of problem solving, self-assessment, and critical thinking skills will be expected. Course involves mentoring, outside
external enrichment rotations to hospital dentistry and special needs centers, under served and diverse communities, and
implementation and evaluation of community-based dental health project. 18-20 hours per week are required. Satisfactory/Nonsatisfactory grading. [F]

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