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2011-2012 CATALOG 

2011-2012 CATALOG

 Chattanooga State Students

Online Catalog Features

  1. The College’s online catalog offers a unique feature called My Portfolio
  2. My Portfolio allows you to record and track your favorite programs, courses, and other areas of the catalog that interest you. 
  3. The catalog is searchable using keywords for the categories: program, courses, other catalog content or entire catalog.
  4. Each course and program page is printable.

My Portfolio

  1. The My Portfolio link is located in the left navigation menu of the catalog.
  2. To create your portfolio account, click on the My Portfolio link and follow the directions.
  3. To access your portfolio account at any time, click on the My Portfolio link
  4. There are “Add to Portfolio” links located throughout the online catalog for your convenience. These links allow you to add program descriptions, requirements, and courses to your portfolio for future reference.
  5. Please consult an advisor to ensure that you are storing information within your portfolio that is relevant to your catalog year. 

Career Opportunities

Wondering how to connect majors to careers?  Explore multiple majors or areas of concentration to learn about a wide range of career opportunities. Throughout the catalog you will see the major careers button which will provide more information about the career opportunities available for the majors offered at Chattanooga State.

major to career

Misrepresentation of Academic Credentials