Dec 05, 2022  
2020-2021 CATALOG 

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NUCM 2201 - Physics and Instrumentation


This course develops the student's understanding and application of the principles of instrumentation and nuclear statistics as used in the nuclear medicine laboratory. Special emphasis is placed on the appropriate use, maintenance, and quality control of personal monitoring devices, gas and scintillation detectors. This course also introduces the student to the concept of statistical analysis and computer applications associated with radiation detection and imaging.

  Prereq(s): Admission to the Nuclear Medicine Technology Program. Coreq(s): NUCM 2200, NUCM 2104, NUCM 2114, NUCM 2205, NUCM 2607 [F] Note(s): Student must be AT COLLEGE LEVEL IN ALL AREAS to take this course. Contact Hours Per Week: 2.

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