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2009-2010 CATALOG 

Many Ways To Learn

Center for Distributed Education (IMC 206)

Many of our courses are offered via hybrid classes, independent study, online or through the Regents Online Degree Program (RODP) program. These courses require students to be very self-motivated and well organized. Once registered for these courses, it is the student’s responsibility to take the necessary steps to begin the course. Listed below, you will find some important information for these types of courses.

Hybrid Classes:

Hybrid classes are a combination of traditional delivery and online delivery. That is, a hybrid course has a fixed meeting time and place for 50% (or more) of the hours required for the course each week. However, the remainder of the course materials and activities are delivered through the online format. For example, a traditional 3 credit hour class might meet on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. in H-107. The hybrid class would meet ONLY on Tuesday from 9:30 a.m. to 10:45 a.m. in H-107. The “Thursday” portion would be covered online through materials, assignments, and activities directed by the instructor and performed by the student anytime during the ensuing week.

Independent Study:

(Noted in the schedule as 95 section)

In this type of course the student completes the coursework on their own with the instructor’s assistance. Instructor approval is required to register. Once registered, the student MUST contact the course instructor for the syllabus and to make arrangements for completion of course assignments. There are no assigned class meeting times. If required, students take proctored tests either in the Chattanooga State Testing Center or an agreed upon off-site location. Textbooks usually accompany the course and can be purchased in the bookstore.


(Noted in the schedule as 97 section)

In this type of course, material is presented via the Internet. Once registered, the student must access their course online using eLearn. This can be done after the first day of classes by clicking on the ‘Log On eLearn Courses’ button in the bottom right hand corner of the Chattanooga State home page - Information is given on the logon page regarding eLearn ID and password as well as assistance with common problems, etc. (near bottom of the page). Typically, there are no assigned class meeting times, but this can vary by course. The class meetings, if required, would be conducted online. All course work is submitted via the Internet. Testing for the course is either online or proctored in the Testing Center or at an agreed upon off-site location. Textbooks usually accompany the course and can be purchased in the bookstore. There is an additional per course fee. Students MUST be computer literate, have a minimum 56K Internet access and an e-mail address. For courses involving streaming media, a cable, DSL or broadband connection is highly recommended.


(Noted in the schedule as R50 section)

Similar to classes offered “online” as noted above, these classes are offered via the Internet. Students should go to the RODP website for (1) information on degree programs and classes, (2) each semester’s calendar, and (3) instructions on how to be admitted and registered. Students should be aware that the RODP cut-off for class registration is usually a few days EARLIER than Chattanooga State’s. Once registered, students are responsible for going to the RODP eLearn login page on the first day of classes to begin their studies: Students should get their books at (the RODP information site also has a link for the RODP bookstore). The Chattanooga State Bookstore does not carry RODP books. Students do not have to declare an RODP major to take RODP classes. RODP classes fulfill general education requirements the same way regular classes do. When students take RODP classes, they declare Chattanooga State as their “home institution.” This means that any courses they take through RODP are counted as Chattanooga State classes. If students follow an RODP program of study (for example, to get an associate’s degree in information technology), the degree they earn is awarded by Chattanooga State. For RODP classes, students must pay per hour tuition plus the RODP per hour fee. Students must pay for every “credit hour” regardless if they exceed the twelve credit hours of “fulltime” status. Students are charged for credit hours over twelve due to the additional cost for online delivery, virtual bookstore, virtual library, online student services, and 24/7 technical help. For more information on fees, visit the Web site No enrollment overrides are allowed. For help with RODP classes, see your RODP Campus Contact.