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2009-2010 CATALOG 

Additional Course Information

Course Listing By Subject Abbreviation

For example, ENGL=English, FI=Fire Science and WD=Welding.

Courses numbered 000 or 0000 are Tennessee Technology Center (vocational) courses and carry clock-hour credit.

Course numbers beginning with 0 (e.g. 0700) are Transitional Studies or other remedial-type courses.

Course numbers beginning with 1 (e.g. 101, 1010) are freshman level.

Course numbers beginning with 2 (e.g. 201, 2010) are sophomore level.

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Fulfills a General Education requirement

*Transitional Studies course (not generally transferable; not applicable to credit hours required for a degree or certificate)

A grade of “C” or better is required in all prerequisite courses and in all courses specified by course numbers in the summary of required hours.

Note:  Any program directed or technical electives, all Allied Health programs, Associate of Science in Teaching (AST), and Technical Certificates requires “C” or better in all course work.!

Students should be prepared for the use of computer technology in ALL classes!

Courses Renamed as of 2008


AA 106 Design
AA 107 Illustration
AA 108 Advertising Concepts
AA 116 Topography
CS 151 Building Web Sites
CS 152 Multimedia Projects
CS 242 Introduction to Scripting Languages
CS 250 Advanced Web Pages
DD 227 Inventor
ENGL 2110 American Masterpieces I
ENGL 2120 American Masterpieces II
ENGL 2210 English Masterpieces I
ENGL 2220 English Masterpieces II
ENGL 2410 Literature of the Western World I
ENGL 2420 Literature of Western World II
HIST 2050 Appalachian History: Colonial Times to Present
HS 111 Healthcare Overview
MD 246 Reactor Theory I
NU 204 Introduction to Nuclear Technology
PY 213 Abnormal Psychology

AA 106 Design Principles
AA 107 Introduction to Illustration
AA 108 Design Concepts
AA 116 Basic Topography
CS 151 Introduction to Adobe Flash
CS 152 Introduction to Adobe Dreamweaver
CS 242 Javascript for Designers
CS 250 Active Server Pages
DD 227 Inventor I
ENGL 2110 American Literature I
ENGL 2120 American Literature II
ENGL 2210 English Literature I
ENGL 2220 English Literature II
ENGL 2410 Western World Literature I
ENGL 2420 Western World Literature II
HIST 2050 Appalachian History: From the 14th Century to the Present
HS 111 Introduction to Healthcare Professions
MD 246 Reactor Theory
NU 204 Introduction to Health Physics and Industrial Hygiene
PY 213 Introduction to Abnormal Psychology