Sep 29, 2022  
2019-2020 CATALOG 

University Parallel, A.S.

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Curriculum Guides

Curriculum Guides are suggested courses of study which include more than minimal degree requirements. They are not intended to represent requirements for any particular college or university.  Students should consult articulation agreements, the catalogs of the school to which they intend to transfer, and their advisers for information on degree requirements.

University Parallel A.S.



American Sign Language A.S. General Transfer

Art A.S. General Transfer

Civil Engineering (TTP)

Dance Education A.S. General Transfer

Early Childhood Education A.S. General Transfer

English A.S. General Transfer

Environmental Science A.S. General Transfer

Foreign Language Education A.S. General Transfer

Geography A.S. Area of Emphasis

Health and Physical Education A.S. Area of Emphasis

Humanities A.S. Area of Emphasis

Music Education A.S. Area of Emphasis

Pre-Medical Technology A.S. Area of Emphasis

Religious Studies A.S. Area of Emphasis

Speech A.S. Area of Emphasis

Wellness/Fitness Leadership A.S. Area of Emphasis



Pathways We Offer



A minimum of 60-62 hours is required to receive an Associates Degree in Humanities and Fine Arts.