Dec 05, 2022  
2017-2018 CATALOG 

Chemical Engineering Technology Concentration

Engineering Technology, A.A.S.  

The associates degree in Engineering Technology, Chemical Engineering Technology concentration prepares graduates for a position as process operator/technician in a chemical manufacturing facility. Using fundamental chemistry and algebraic mathematics, students will develop an understanding of the safe and efficient operation and maintenance of chemical processing equipment from valves and pumps to more complex processing systems such as gas absorption and chemical reactors.  Emphasis is placed on industrial safety and troubleshooting of typical chemical processes while incorporating real world case studies, teamwork, and effective communication skills.  Other topics include blueprint interpretation, CAD design, electrical and mechanical fundamentals, and computer skills. The program accomplishes these tasks by combining classroom study with practical hands-on-experience in the labs associated with the coursework.  

Technical Certificates (Embedded)

1. Advanced Process Technology Technical Certificate  

2. Chemical Laboratory Technology Technical Certificate  

3. Process Technology Technical Certificate