Jul 06, 2022  
2017-2018 CATALOG 

Motorsports Engineering Technology Concentration

Engineering AAS


Associate of Applied Science Degree
This program meets the needs of those enthusiasts involved in Motorsports vehicle design and construction. Motorsports is a $475 billion a year industry and Chattanooga is surrounded by major and minor Motorsports tracks and each year is host to a number of racing events and shows. Car, boat, motorcycle, and ATV race enthusiasts are seeking training avenues for making their vehicle the fastest and best. Chattanooga State began a Motorsports initiative in the fall 2005 semester, which has generated interest and demand for motorsports welding, machining, and engine performance. The newly formed Motorsports Club, a multidisciplinary student organization, is now the largest at Chattanooga State.
Because of the combination of hands-on skills in machining, welding and engine operations, plus extensive training in mechanical engineering technology theory and applications, the students should also find success in jobs in industrial maintenance and manufacturing. this is an area in which local industry has major needs.

 Career Opportunities 

Integral member of the team needed by motorsports related industries ranging from racing automobiles to dragsters, marine craft, and motorcycles.

Summary of Required Hours

Total Hours: 63


 *Students must present evidence of education and/or training at time of admissions in accordance with the Tennessee College of Applied Technology  (previously Tennessee Technology Center/A.A.S. Degree Articulation policy. Admitted student will be granted 12 hours of Advance Placement upon completion of all transitional studies requirements and 15 hours of college credit with a GPA of 2.00 or above. This program is designed for students who completed the Motorsports Vehicle Technology Certificate as well as Automotive Technology, Diesel Mechanic Technology, and Motorcycle & Marine Service Technology diplomas.
*These hours count toward the degree but carry no quality points, do not count in calculation of the grade point average, and may not be used toward satisfaction of the graduation residency requirements for the A.A.S. degree. If the alternate credit is earned at Chattanooga State Community College and/or is part of student's academic transcript, the equivalent number of hours will be waived. 
Prereq: For   is