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2015-2016 CATALOG 

Nursing and Allied Health

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The goal of all Chattanooga State’s health career programs is to prepare practitioners who can function in the health care arena to ensure the safety of patients. Program standards are in place to assure that students have the potential to perform as entry level practitioners. These program standards are available in the Nursing & Allied Health Division office. Acceptance into a Nursing & Allied Health program is contingent upon the student’s demonstrated ability to meet these standards. Following acceptance and prior to entering the first career course in designated healthcare programs, each student must undergo a criminal background check in order to comply with policies of affiliating clinical practice agencies. It shall be the student’s responsibility to comply with instructions provided upon acceptance and provide the results by a designated date. The check will be at the expense of the student. Students who do not meet this requirement in a timely manner or whose background does not meet agency standards will not be able to successfully complete the program. Additionally, a criminal background may preclude licensure or employment. Individuals with a question concerning this should schedule an appointment with the Program Director. All Nursing and Allied Health Programs and Certificates require a minimum grade of “C” in all courses used to fulfill curriculum requirements. For specific information on admission requirements and application procedures, contact the Nursing & Allied Health Division.

Admission/Retention Policies

Students must be admitted to a specific Nursing & Allied Health program beyond general admission to Chattanooga State Community College. Selection into Nursing & Allied Health programs is based on a comparative evaluation of all applicants’ test scores, transcripts and other applications materials. Students must have successfully completed all Learning Support courses and other required prerequisite courses prior to enrollment in the first semester of program courses.

Students are encouraged to take required general education courses and support courses, however, students are cautioned that lab science courses must have been completed no sooner than five years before the student is admitted to the program. Completion of the application process and general education courses does not guarantee acceptance into a Nursing & Allied Health program.

Benchmark for Success

Applicants to the associate of applied science programs in the Nursing & Allied Health Division are advised that program admission is highly competitive, and most successful candidates have completed the majority of the program’s general education requirements prior to their program application. In order to be competitive, candidates must demonstrate a high level of academic success in the general education courses they have attempted.

Students who have declared a major indicating their intention to apply to a competitive entry, limited enrollment program will be evaluated once they have attempted 24 (or more) college level credit hours. If a student’s cumulative grade point average (GPA) is below 2.50, the Nursing & Allied Health Division will place an advising hold on the student’s academic record. Students with holds will be required to schedule an appointment to meet with an Academic Advisor to discuss their academic plan before registering for the next semester. During the advising meeting the advisor will discuss with the student ways to get back on track with their current major, parallel major options in the healthcare field and potential major options outside of healthcare.

Division Web site: http://www.chattanoogastate.edu/nursing-allied-health/
Division Office: Health Sciences Center - HSC 2088
                        (423) 697-4450

Nursing Program: Health Sciences Center - HSC 1042
                           (423) 493-8740

Division Advising Email: NAHadvising@chattanoogastate.edu

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