Dec 05, 2022  


14:06:00 TCAT Awarding Clock Hour Credit


  1. The purpose of this policy is to address how prospective Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) students may receive clock hour credit from another institution, whether secondary or postsecondary.
  2. Clock Hours are defined as the total number of actual hours per week that a student spends attending class, laboratory, or other instructional activities that count toward completing a program of study.
  3. Prospective TCAT students who have earned clock hours at another institution, whether secondary or postsecondary, or who have acquired skills through work experience may request that their hours be accepted for their program of study. In order to have the clock hours accepted by the TCAT, the student must:
    1. Submit official documentation of previously earned hours and/or skills prior to enrolling in the program for the first time;
    2. Demonstrate skill proficiency (if requested by the instructor); and
    3. Complete a "Clock Hour Credit Award Form" as supplied by the instructor.
  4. Students whose transfer hours are accepted by the TCAT are required to attend and earn a minimum of one semester of credit at TCAT Chattanooga.  To meet SACSCOC accreditation requirements, a minimum of one full semester of the total program hours must be completed at TCAT Chattanooga in order to graduate from the program, regardless of the total number of hours accepted from another institution.


Submitted to Policy Review Committee on 2019.02.18

Submitted to Policy Review Board on 2019.04.08

Approved by Policy Review Board on 2019.04.24