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04:19:00 Leave Policy


  1. Leave Policy
    1. Please refer to the Tennessee Board of Regents website (, go to the "Policies and Guidelines" section of the website, and then click on "Personnel Policies." The applicable Tennessee Board of Regents leave policies are as follows:
      1.  Annual Leave (Policy # 5-01-01-01)
      2.  Bereavement Leave (Policy # 5-01-01-09)       
      3.  Civil Leave (Policy # 5-01-01-05)     
      4.  Disaster Relief Service Leave (Policy # 5-01-01-17)     
      5.  Educational Leave (Policy # 5-01-01-13)      
      6.  Leave of Absence (Policy # 5-01-01-03)      
      7.  Military Leave (Policy # 5-01-01-04)       
      8.  Parental Leave (Policy # 5-01-01-08)     
      9.  Sick Leave (Policy # 5-01-01-07)        
      10.  Transfer of Sick Leave Between Employees (Policy # 5-01-01-15)       
      11. Transfer of Leave Between The State University and Community College System and State Agencies (Policy # 5-01-01-16)        
      12.  12. Voting Leave (Policy # 5-01-01-12)
    2. Sick Leave Bank
      1. Two (2) sick leave banks have been formed at the College, one for eligible faculty and  another for eligible professional staff and clerical/support employees. Faculty members of  the bank have contributed one day's paid leave to a pool which may be used when a contributor has exhausted his/her sick leave, if appropriate conditions are met. To join the  faculty sick leave bank or for information on use of the sick leave bank, contact a Faculty Senate officer. The same circumstances apply regarding the professional staff and clerical/support staff sick leave bank. Professional staff and clerical/support employees should contact their respective association officers.


Reviewed by Department: June 2019


Source: Revision approved by Business and Finance on January 28, 2009

Revision approved by Executive Staff, President's Cabinet, and President on May 20, 2009