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04:19:00 Leave Policy


  1. Leave Policy
    1. Please refer to the Tennessee Board of Regents website ( www.tbr.edu/), go to the "Policies and Guidelines" section of the website, and then click on "Personnel Policies." The applicable Tennessee Board of Regents leave policies are as follows:
      1.  Annual Leave (Policy # 5-01-01-01)
      2.  Bereavement Leave (Policy # 5-01-01-09)       
      3.  Civil Leave (Policy # 5-01-01-05)     
      4.  Disaster Relief Service Leave (Policy # 5-01-01-17)     
      5.  Educational Leave (Policy # 5-01-01-13)      
      6.  Leave of Absence (Policy # 5-01-01-03)      
      7.  Military Leave (Policy # 5-01-01-04)       
      8.  Parental Leave (Policy # 5-01-01-08)     
      9.  Sick Leave (Policy # 5-01-01-07)        
      10.  Transfer of Sick Leave Between Employees (Policy # 5-01-01-15)       
      11. Transfer of Leave Between The State University and Community College System and State Agencies (Policy # 5-01-01-16)        
      12.  12. Voting Leave (Policy # 5-01-01-12)
    2. Sick Leave Bank
      1. Two (2) sick leave banks have been formed at the College, one for eligible faculty and  another for eligible professional staff and clerical/support employees. Faculty members of  the bank have contributed one day's paid leave to a pool which may be used when a contributor has exhausted his/her sick leave, if appropriate conditions are met. To join the  faculty sick leave bank or for information on use of the sick leave bank, contact a Faculty Senate officer. The same circumstances apply regarding the professional staff and clerical/support staff sick leave bank. Professional staff and clerical/support employees should contact their respective association officers.


Reviewed by Department: June 2019


Source: Revision approved by Business and Finance on January 28, 2009

Revision approved by Executive Staff, President's Cabinet, and President on May 20, 2009