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14:03:00 Graduation Requirements


  1. The purpose of this policy is to address how Tennessee College of Applied Technology (TCAT) students should apply for technical diplomas and certificates. 
  2. Intent to Graduate Process:
    1. TCAT students should complete an Intent to Graduate form during their first semester.
    2. TCAT students may not apply for graduation after the term of completion.
    3. Intent to Graduate forms for each academic year (fall, spring, and summer) should be submitted by October 31. Submission will initiate printing the diploma and posting of credentials on the student's transcript once all coursework is successfully completed. A transcript is the official record of completion, will be required for a transfer, and may be required for employment or job placement. TCAT's graduation application is posted on the Chattanooga State website:  TCAT Graduation Application
  3. Diplomas:
    1. TCAT graduates can expect their technical diplomas and certificates to be mailed to the mailing address on file by the dates listed below:
      1. Summer Graduates           September 30
      2. Spring Graduates              July 9
      3. Fall Graduates                  February 15
    2. NOTE:  Unclaimed diplomas will be held for one (1) academic year after graduation.
  4. Indebtedness:
    1. Students should pay off any debts to the College as soon as possible. No technical diploma, certificate, or academic transcript will be issued to a student who has not settled outstanding College debts with the Bursar's Office. A student may also be prohibited from attending future classes.
  5. Exit Exams:
    1. Students graduating with a TCAT technical diploma and/or certificate are not required to test for general achievement by taking the College Exit Exam.
  6. Grading Policy:
    1. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 (grade of "C") and 91% of program hours completed are required each semester for Satisfactory Academic Progress and continued enrollment in the TCAT, except for those programs having higher retention/progression standards due to accrediting or licensing requirements.
    2. A student who fails to achieve the minimum semester grade for a program will be suspended for one or more enrollment periods.
    3. The TCAT uses a grading system designed to show the level of mastery the student has achieved in a program. The letter grades below are based on documented mastery of a set of specific instruction competencies. The competencies and objectives for each course are listed in each program course syllabus. The grading system along with clock hour completion determines the semester a student will graduate from a TCAT program. 

Letter Grade

Quality Points




Indicates consistently superior performance. Mastery level should be a minimum average of 90. 



Indicates consistently above average performance. Mastery level should be a minimum average of 80. 



Indicates satisfactory performance. Mastery level should be a minimum average of 70. 



Indicates failure to achieve TCAT standards. A student's letter grade and clock hours will not count for graduation. A student is placed on suspension and must sit out for one or more semesters. A student will have to repeat the semester over again. 

  1. Clock Hours for Previous Experience:
    1. TCAT Programs - credit may be awarded for previous education or training, as determined by the instructor and the approval of the Dean of the TCAT or his/her designee. This must be done at the time of enrollment in a program.  See Policy 14:06.
  2. National Technical Honor Society:
    1. The National Technical Honor Society recognizes outstanding student achievements in career and technical education.
    2. All students who have earned and maintained a GPA of 90% or greater will be eligible for membership.
    3. Prospective members must be nominated by an instructor; attendance must be at least 91% with no disciplinary actions.
    4. Induction ceremonies are in the fall and spring semesters. Members must pay a one-time induction fee.
    5. All names of National Technical Honor Society technology students will be posted in the commencement program at the time of their graduation. Graduating members may purchase a National Honor Society stole to wear at commencement.
  3. Name:
    1. A student's name will appear on the technical diploma and/or certificate and also in the commencement program as it appears in our student record database.  If this is not correct, the student must submit a name change to the Records Office with copy of his/her Social Security card by the end of April.
  4. Commencement:
    1. The ceremony is a time to celebrate your academic achievements. Eligible applicants will receive n email detailing how to order a cap and gown, and the dates and times on the ceremony. The deadline for cap and gown orders is the end of the second month of the completion term. Participation is optional and in no way confirms completion of requirements or official graduation.
    2. All requirements for technical diplomas and/or certificates must be completed before the credential can be posted to the student's transcript and a diploma awarded.
    3. At the end of each term, the TCAT will conduct a commencement ceremony for all TCAT graduates who completed in the semester.


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