Dec 04, 2021  


14:00:00 TCAT Faculty Attendance and Absence


  1. The purpose of this policy is to address faculty expectations for attendance.
  2. Faculty consist of full-time and adjunct instructors
  3. In general, TCAT faculty members are governed by Chattanooga State HR Policy 06:10:00, Specifically, TCAT faculty members are expected to be on campus 15 minutes before the start of class and 15 minutes after the end of class each day and maintain a class/office schedule of at least 37.5 hours per week.
  4. Faculty members are to maintain a pool of qualified persons who can teach as a substitute in case of emergency or planned absence. Faculty members are responsible for giving the list of adjuncts to their department head and the division office (updated annually) and working with their adjuncts and departments heads to ensure that their classes are covered during their absences.
  5. Faculty members are to ensure that their classrooms/shops are open to students during scheduled class hours and to notify their department head if circumstances prevent them from fulfilling their duty.
  6. Faculty members taking annual leave during class time requires approval by the Executive Vice President beforehand. Annual leave for faculty during class time will not be approved unless there are extenuating circumstances that requires annual leave.
  7. Leave slips are to be filed in accordance with Chattanooga State B&F Policy 04:19:00,


Submitted to Policy Review Committee on 2019.02.18

Submitted to Policy Review Board on 2019.04.08

Approved by Policy Review Board on 2019.04.24