Apr 21, 2019  

01:07:01 Campus-Wide Policy Review Process

Policy Review Process

A. The purpose of this policy is to set forth the processes and timelines for reviewing College policies.

B. Beginning of the Semester

1. Each Vice President or Executive Director with responsibility over policies will work on policies to be reviewed that semester.
2. Policies will be submitted to the Policy Review Committee.

C. Mid Semester

1. The Policy Review Committee will review submitted policies and disseminate to college community for input.
2. The Policy Review Committee will be comprised of one faculty member from each academic division and one staff member from each administrative division as follows (15 total):

a. HFA
b. Business
c. Math and Science
d. Engineering and I.T.
e. Health Sciences
f. Social & Behavioral Sci
g. Early College
i. Student Affairs
j. Information Technology
k. Business and Finance
l. College Advancement
n. Economic & Workforce Dev.
o. One Student Representative

3. The members of the Policy Review Committee will serve a two-year term.
4. The Policy Review Committee will share input/suggestions/concerns with the appropriate VP or Executive Director and the parties will work together to determine appropriate changes.
5. After the Policy Review Committee has reviewed the policies, the policies will be submitted to the Policy Review Board for a final vote.

D. End of Semester

1. The Policy Review Board will review policies and vote on the action to be taken.
2. The Policy Review Board will be comprised of the following individuals:

a. All Vice Presidents and Executive Vice Presidents
b. Executive Director of Human Resources
c. Executive Director of IERP
d. Faculty Senate President
e. Professional Staff Association President
f. Support Staff President
g. Student Government President
h. Dean of Accreditation, Assessment, and Compliance

3. The members of the Policy Review Board are permanent members and are appointed based upon their role at the institution.

E. Expedited Exceptions

1. There may be times that the review of a policy must be expedited due to extenuating circumstances. In which case, the review will follow the same process but will be completed via email or other electronic systems.

Created 02.28.2018
Approved by Policy Review Board 04.11.2018