Dec 05, 2022  

College Advancement

10:02:06 Foundation Collection Policy


  1. A collection committee composed of three members from the Chattanooga State Community College Foundation Board may review pledges that become chronically overdue.
    1. College Advancement's fundraising software (Blackbaud Raiser's Edge) is used to track pledges.
    2. Pledges, letters of intent, and agreements are kept in a fireproof locked cabinet, and copies are stored electronically on College Advancement's shared drive.
  2. Reminders for payment should be sent by the 20th of each month, unless Donor terms state otherwise.
    1. If payment is not received within 30 - 60 days, a second reminder is sent. If payment is not received within 30 - 60 days after the second notice has been sent, the Vice President of College Advancement or Director of College Advancement will contact the Donor with a friendly and professional inquiry about the delayed payment.
    2. The individual approaching the Donor should have the authority to change or extend the terms of payment, reduce the amount of the pledge or, only as a last resort, cancel the pledge. Tactful handling of these commitments will help to make and to keep friends, which has always been the original objective. Additionally, some Donors who change or cancel pledges reinstate them at a later date if the problem has been handled tactfully.
    3. As a practical matter, the Foundation will not sue to collect on pledges not paid.


Approved by Foundation Board May 20, 2009

Revision approved by Foundation Board 2016 

Reviewed by Foundation Board March 8, 2017

Revision approved by Foundation Board April 26, 2021