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College Advancement

10:02:00 Chattanooga State Foundation
  1. Description

    1. The Chattanooga State Foundation, a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization chartered in the State of Tennessee, consists of volunteer community leaders responsible for raising funds from individuals, corporations, foundations, and organizations. The Foundation exists solely to support and advance the goals in support of the mission of Chattanooga State Community College ("College"). It is not an operational function of the College but a separate legal entity.
  2. Delegation of Authority

    1. All gifts in support of the College should be directed to the Foundation which will receive, invest, administer and disburse restricted and unrestricted gifts according to Tennessee Board of Regents and Internal Revenue Service regulations as well as its own by-laws (See section 10:02:02). The Vice President of College Advancement serves in the executive staff role to the Foundation. Solicitation of gifts, funds or property should not be made by anyone in the name of, or for the benefit of, the College without communication and guidance from the Advancement Office on behalf of the Chattanooga State Foundation.
  3. Allocation of Funds

    1. All restricted monies are distributed according to the donor's intent.
    2. Scholarship funds - Private scholarships, funded by generous donors, are available for ChSCC students through the Foundation. See section 10:02:04. Application forms are available through the Financial Aid Office.
    3. Unrestricted funds may be used for faculty awards or other applications based on the needs of the College as determined by the Foundation Board.
  4. Contributions

    1. Cash contributions are solicited in coordination with the Advancement Office through various means. Both internal and external donors are targeted. All funds are promptly deposited in the appropriate accounts in accordance with the College's  Advancementand Business Office procedures.
    2. Gifts-in-kind and other non-cash gifts are accepted in accordance with the Tennessee Board of Regents regulations and using procedures on file in the Advancement Office.
    3. For further details on Foundation-related topics, see the following items:
      1. Foundation Charter 10:02:02
      2. College Advancement Policies and Procedures 10:00:00


Approved April 2009; Revision approved June 2015

Revision approved July 29, 2019