May 30, 2023  

Business and Finance (Includes Physical Plant)

Returned Checks
04:30:00 Returned Checks


  1. Introduction: Policy for Returned Checks
    1. A check that is issued to the College and returned because of insufficient funds or for any other reason will be held by the Bursar or Business Office for collection.
    2. The person issuing the check will be notified and will have 10 days from the date of notification to redeem the check. Additionally, the current approved service charge will be levied for each returned check.
    3. The college has the option to not consider the person as enrolled for the term. The College may deny future check writing privileges for those who have paid fees with checks that are subsequently dishonored. Legal collection proceedings may follow when a returned check is not redeemed.

Approved: Executive Staff, 05/20/09
Approved: President’s Cabinet, 05/20/09
Approved: President, 05/20/09
Revised: Business and Finance, January 28, 2009