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Student Affairs

03:36:00 Student Complaints 


A. The exercise and preservation of student freedoms and rights require a respect for the rights of all in the campus community.  The objective of the Student Complaint Policy is to ensure that the concerns and complaints of Chattanooga State students are given fair and prompt consideration in accordance with the procedures available.  Every attempt will be made to resolve the issue(s) at the lowest possible level.

B. Chattanooga State uses a variety of methods to inform students on how to file a complaint such as; New Student Orientation, Student Handbook, SGA events, Organizational and clubs meetings, emails, and classroom presentations.  Online reporting is available through the College’s website at https://www.chattanoogastate.edu/report_conduct_or_complaint. Faculty and staff are informed about how students may submit a complaint through division/department meetings. 

C. Complaints may be submitted through the online reporting feature of the College’s Maxient database (link is available on the College’s website) or through a written statement submitted to the Office of Student Conduct.  Complaints pertaining to an academic issue (i.e. dispute about a grade, attendance/clock hours, etc.) may be referred to the corresponding academic division for appropriate resolution, and complaints involving a faculty or staff member will be shared with the College’s Human Resources office.

D. Chattanooga State Community College follows the Complaint & Investigation Procedure outlined in the  P-080 Guideline set forth by the Tennessee Board of Regents regarding the orderly resolution of complaints of discrimination or harassment on the basis of protected statuses such as race, color, religion, creed, ethnic or national origin, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity/expression, disability, age (as applicable), status as a covered veteran, genetic information, and any other category protected by federal or state civil rights law related to the institutions and office of the Tennessee Board of Regents.


Submitted to Policy Review Committee on 2019.02.18

Submitted to Policy Review Board on 2019.04.08

Approved by Policy Review Board on 2019.04.24

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