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Education Records
03:12:00 Education Records


  1. Imaging System

The College maintains an imaging system as its official source of education records.  Whenever possible, records custodians maintain education records within the imaging system.  In cases where a paper record conflicts with an equivalent record within the imaging system, the record in the imaging system is deemed to be the accurate version.

  1. Types of Education Records and Designation of Custodians

Virtually all education records concerning a student may be found in the offices listed below. 

  1. Admissions.Admission files are maintained in the Admissions Office.The Director of Admissions is designated as the custodian of these files.
  2. Grades and Transcripts.Students' official grades are to be reported to the Records Office.The Records Office maintains a record of official grades and is the only source of official transcripts.The Registrar/Director of Records is designated as the custodian of these files and documents.
  3. Financial Aid.Financial Aid files are maintained in the Financial Aid office.The Director of Financial Aid is designated as the custodian of these files.
  4. Veterans.Veterans' files are maintained by the Veterans Affairs office.The Coordinator of Veterans Affairs is designated as the custodian of these files.
  5. Job Placement.Job placement files are maintained by the Career Services office.The Coordinator of Career Services is designated as the custodian of these files.
  6. Student Conduct.Student conduct and judicial files are maintained by the Office of Student Conduct.The Director of Student Conduct is designated as the custodian of these files.
  7. Billing and Payments.Records of charges to a student's account, and payments made on that account, are maintained by the Bursar's office.The Bursar is designated as the custodian of these records.
  1. Compliance with Subpoenas and Valid Records Requests
    1. All external requests for education records, including subpoenas and requests for directory information, must be directed to the Registrar/Director of Records.  The Registrar will coordinate a response with the appropriate custodians. All custodians must cooperate promptly with the Registrar in responding to valid requests for student records.
  1. Confidentiality and Privacy of Education Records
    1. In accordance with Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) policies and guidelines, the College complies with the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) to protect the confidentiality of education records.Each faculty and staff member employed by the College is individually responsible for complying with FERPA, and violations may be subject to disciplinary action.
    2. Directory Information and Annual Notice.Unless a student directs the Records Office in writing not to disclose it, the College may disclose certain data elements designated under FERPA as "directory information" without prior student consent.The Records Office will publish an annual notice to students in the student handbook (or its equivalent), and will include within this notice the specific data elements to be considered as directory information.The data elements will include all elements permissible under FERPA, except for student photographs.
  2. Retention of Records
    1. Chattanooga State retains records in accordance with Tennessee Board of Regents Guideline G-070 (Records Retention and Disposal of Records).


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