Mar 04, 2021  

Student Affairs

03:05:02 International Students


  1. Chattanooga State Community College is authorized under federal law to enroll nonimmigrant students on F-1/M-1 student visas in associate degree programs as well as technical diploma programs.  Applicants should have all of the following documentation on file in the Office of Multicultural and International Student Services. Processing time is dependent on whether the applicant is in-country or out-of-country.
    1. A completed application for admission. Applicants without a social security number must use their student identification number on all correspondence.
    2. Official copies of transcripts (grades) from all secondary schools, colleges, or universities previously attended. If these documents were not issued in English, a certified English translation must also be submitted. Students seeking to have previously earned college credits transferred to Chattanooga State should include course descriptions or course syllabi also translated in English if applicable.
    3. Applicants must meet the college's standardized testing and/or placement score requirements.
    4. Applicants whose native language is not English must provide proof of English language proficiency. In order to determine an applicant's level of proficiency in the English language, the College requires that applicants submit scores earned on the Test of English Language Proficiency (TOEFL), or one of the other recognized comparable standardized examinations; or through standardized examination developed at the College. In lieu of standardized test examination scores, applicants may provide one of the following:
      1. an official transcript documenting graduation from an approved U.S. high school with a regular high school diploma or approved high school equivalency (administered in English); or
      2. an official transcript documenting satisfactory completion (grade C or better) in college-level English Composition I from a regionally accredited U.S. college or university.
    5. A completed Affidavit of Support form showing financial capability to meet expenses associated with attending at Chattanooga State. Completion of this form includes the student's intent to attend the college full time (12 or more credit hours per semester or clocked hours equivalent to full time status) and states that no employment will be required to meet expenses. International students will pay out-of-state fees.
    6. A certificate from a licensed physician or other medical authority verifying freedom from tuberculosis.
    7. Proof of adequate insurance coverage. All students with F-1 visas must enroll in the TBR Student/Scholar Health & Accident Insurance Plan as a condition of admission and continued enrollment at the institution. If an F-1/M-1 student has other insurance coverage that meets or exceeds the level of coverage provided through TBR's plan, the requirement to enroll in TBR's plan will be waived.
  2. All documents submitted become the property of Chattanooga State and cannot be returned or forwarded to any other party. 


Submitted to Policy Review Committee on 2019.02.18

Submitted to Policy Review Board on 2019.04.08

Approved by Policy Review Board on 2019.04.24