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Academic Affairs

02:30:00 Program Evaluation


  1. The purpose of this policy is to outline processes for evaluating associate degree (AAS) career programs.
  2. It is essential that associate degree career/technical programs be monitored to ensure they continue to meet the needs of the community and students. Critical to this process is a well-informed faculty that maintains contact with business/industry to anticipate program modifications required to keep the program current. In addition to on-campus review by faculty, advisory councils, and students, each program and/or concentration eligible for accreditation by a national accrediting agency will undergo peer review by applying for accreditation by the relevant agency.
    1. Program evaluation may result in academic actions being taken.  Options include:
      1. No actions necessary
      2. Continuation of the program with modifications where feasible.
      3. Suspension of the program.  If evaluation of a program shows persistent problems then a review involving faculty, department head/program director, academic dean, Vice President for Academic Affairs, and the President will be effected. Suspension of a program implies the program offering will be interrupted, but there is reason to believe it might be resumed in the foreseeable future. Follow-up action includes halting the acceptance of students into the program, discontinuing offering courses unique to the program, and continuing in-depth analysis of the problem(s) and exploration of solutions.  The program remains on the inventory of the college, TBR, and THEC.
      4. Termination of the program.  The administrative review may result in the decision to terminate the program. The decision to close an educational program requires planning and careful consultation with all affected constituencies. Every effort should be made to inform each constituency as fully as possible about the conditions compelling consideration of a decision of such importance, and all available information should be shared. As much as possible, the determination to close a program should be made through a consultative process and only after alternatives have been considered.  Prior to termination, the College must notify SACSCOC and submit a teach-out plan for approval.  Upon approval and implementation of the teach-out plan, the program is removed from the inventory of the college, TBR, and THEC.


Submitted to Policy Review Committee on September 16, 2019

Submitted to Policy Review Board on October 21, 2019

Approved by Policy Review Board on October 30, 2019


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Source: Reviewed and Revised by: Academic Affairs, 03/20/09

Original Approved by Executive Staff and President’s Cabinet, 05/20/09
Source: Chattanooga State Guideline December 2000