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Academic Affairs

02:20:00 Academic Advising


  1. The purpose of this policy is to address the philosophy and expectations of faculty and staff members that academically advise students.
  2. Definitions
    1. Academic Advising is an educational process that teaches students how to best achieve their academic and life goals.
    2. Registration is the process of scheduling classes for a specific semester. Registration is completed by the student online using their TigerWeb self-service account.
  3. Philosophy
    1. The philosophy for academic advising at Chattanooga State is that of the National Academic Advising Association: "Advising is teaching.  Advisors teach students how to think critically about their academic goals and how to plan the most effective path to achieve them. Advisors help students cultivate the intellectual habits that lead to a lifetime of learning. In addition, Advisors strive to teach students how to behave as citizens who engage in the wider world around them." 
  4. Expectations
    1. Advisors work with each assigned advisee to develop an academic plan using a model of relational advising. Relational advising means that the advisor creates a relationship with the student and meets with them at a minimum of once a semester to discuss progress and goals. Through this relationship, students become empowered to make educated and informed decisions about their future.
    2. While the responsibility of communication between advisor and advisee should generally be initiated by the advisee, advisors are expected to respond to student inquiries within 2 business days.  Should academic advisors be absent from the college for an extended time (e.g. vacation, sick leave), it is the responsibility of the advisor, or their supervisor, to continue to provide seamless advising services for students.
    3. Using a digital format deemed appropriate by the Vice President of Academic Affairs, academic advisors should retain a copy of all academic advising plans with their advisees.
  5. Procedures
    1. The procedures for assigning students to advisors can be found on the Academic Affairs Campus Guide for Advising on the Library website:


Submitted to Policy Review Committee on June 4, 2021

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Approved: Executive Staff, 05/20/09
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