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  1. The purpose of this policy is to describe the differing academic offerings at Chattanooga State Community College.
  2. Chattanooga State offers a variety of Programs, Transfer Degrees, and Certificates.
    1. Programs
      1. Technical Diploma and Certificate Programs are designed to be completed in one year or less and are for students planning to go directly into the workforce or embedded within existing programs. 
      2. Career Programs are generally for students planning to go directly into the workforce after earning an associate of applied science degree.  There are several exceptions where associate of applied science degrees can lead to transfer degrees. Some specific academic programs may have competitive admissions requirements based on enrollment availability.  Applicants will be informed of these requirements when applying to such a program.
    2. Transfer Degrees
      1. Students entering a community college in Tennessee can select majors with accompanying transfer pathways, complete required courses, and earn an associates degree ensuring a seamless transition as a junior at a Tennessee public university.
    3. Certificates
      1. Certificate Programs are offered for students interested in training opportunities. Individual curricula are designed for working professionals who want to upgrade their skills or gain additional certification in a particular area. 
  3. A complete listing of the College's academic programs can be found in the Chattanooga State College Catalog.


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