Apr 04, 2020  

Administrative Organization

Community Advisory Committees and Boards
01:06:03 Community Advisory Committees and Boards


  1. The following comprise current community advisory committees and boards:
    1. Board of Associates
    2. Foundation Board
    3. Program Advisory Committees
    4. The following are the purpose statements of each advisory committee and board:
  2. Board of Associates
    1. Purpose: To assist the College in identifying the needs of the community it serves and advise the College's administration on how these needs can be met most effectively.
  3. Foundation Board
    1. Purpose: To seek and invest contributions to the College from individuals, foundations, and corporations.
  4. Program Advisory Committees
    1. Purpose: To advise the College on: (1) training needs of business and industry; (2) changes and advancements in each technical program; and (3) desired capabilities and career opportunities for graduates. Advisory committee members also perform a public relations function for the College.

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