Dec 05, 2022  

System of Governance

01:03:00 Student and Faculty Participation in Development of Campus Policies and Procedures


  1. Chattanooga State Community College recognizes that students, staff and faculty are vital components of the campus community which must effectively contribute to the progress and general welfare of the College. Therefore, Chattanooga State Community College established effective means whereby students, staff and faculty can participate in and make recommendations concerning the formation of policies.
  2. Chattanooga State makes provision for both student, staff and faculty participation in the development of campus policies and programs through membership on standing and ad hoc committees, activities of the Student Government Association (SGA), staff associations, and Faculty Senate, input through various surveys and other means of college communication.

Source: Tennessee Board of Regents, Policy No. 1:03:10:00


Submitted to Policy Review Committee on June 14, 2019

Submitted to Policy Review Board on July 22, 2019

Approved by Policy Review Board on July 31, 2019