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Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome
03:13:00 Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome


  1. Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome

    1.  On January 1, 1999, confirmed HIV positive infection became a reportable disease in Tennessee to the Tennessee Department of Public Health. The HIV test is strictly confidential. The Family Education and Privacy Act of 1974 precludes the provision of such specific or detailed information to faculty, administration, or even parents concerning known diagnosis without the expressed written permission of the affected individual in each case.
    2. Chattanooga State Community College will provide guidelines as proposed by the Public Health Service for departments involved with the handling of all blood and body fluids of persons with AIDS, ARC, or a positive HIV antibody test. Disposable equipment must be used when puncturing the skin or mucous membrane of all individuals. Reasonable barrier protection as defined by the Center for Disease Control, using current industry guidelines, will be provided by the appropriate individual departments within ChSCC.
    3. ChSCC will provide safety guidelines for the handling of blood or body fluids by all students and employees in other known settings as well. Procedures for the decontamination of environmental surfaces and objects soiled by blood or body fluids will be implemented. Laboratory courses requiring exposure to blood, such as finger pricks for blood typing examination, will use disposable equipment and no lancets or other blood-letting devices will be reused or shared. No student except those in health care professions within ChSCC will be required to obtain or process the blood of others. These clinical students will be provided with reasonable appropriate barrier protection (i.e., gloves). Students in the Allied Health and health related vocational programs will adhere to the policies and procedures in the student handbooks prepared for these programs.
    4. Students and employees who have tested positive for AIDS, ARC or HIV antibody, whether they are symptomatic or not, will be allowed to attend classes and work in an unrestricted manner at Chattanooga State Community College as long as they are physically able.

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