Apr 22, 2018  

Academic Affairs

02:26:01 Safety


  1.  Each instructor is personally responsible for the safety of students in his/her class. As a minimum, the following rules should be followed:
  1. Stress the importance of the care of equipment.
  2. Stress the proper use of tools, and the importance of using the right tool for each job.
  3. 3.Inspect the equipment before its use to insure that it is in good working condition, both from an operational and safety aspect.
  4. Be sure that the proper safety equipment is being used where required.
  5.  Be sure that the classroom area contains no controllable hazards, i.e,. broken furniture, equipment, or furniture creating a hazard for type of classroom activity.
  6. Machinery, equipment, or processes that involve hazardous operations shall be operated under the direct supervision of an instructor, and then only after explanation to all persons of the hazards involved. Instructors shall ensure that the necessary protective devices are in place and operating, and that appropriate protective clothing, goggles, or other safety equipment are being used. In this connection, instructors themselves shall teach the students by their own example; that is, they shall wear the proper protective equipment and use accepted safety precautions, demonstrating the importance of safety by their own conduct and attitude


Approved: Executive Staff, 05/20/09
Approved: President's Cabinet, 05/20/09
Approved: President, 05/20/09
Reviewed and Revised by: Academic Affairs, 03/20/09