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Marketing Department Services
07:01:00 Marketing Department Services


  1. Introduction
    1. Chattanooga State Community College's award-winning Marketing department is committed to enhancing the excellent educational experience offered at the College. The Marketing department accomplishes this by consulting with constituencies and providing a wide range of services, both campus-wide and to community organizations. Marketing is committed to promoting both visual and written communication with the community by using publications, billboards, the College Website, and electronic media.
    2. Images and messages directly contribute to the overall impression people form of an educational institution. To insure that the impression received is both consistent and positive, it is important that Marketing implement a coordinated identification program that integrates both printed communications and the visual image into a single cohesive identity better known as branding. This was accomplished in 2006 when Marketing implemented the "Joe" campaign. The general concept of the campaign was "we are the College for everybody." Marketing initially chose five students as ambassadors for the College; the number of "Joes" has since grown to eighteen. Using the first five students to represent the College, Marketing completely revamped the Chattanooga State Community College Web site. Through innovative technology, Marketing was able to have the "Joes" appear as live assistants on the Web. The "Joes" are there to guide prospective students through the initial application process to the College and to help them register for classes online.
    3. This branding is reinforced in each component of the institution's collateral, advertising, marketing, and communication efforts. The "Joes" appear at most college-related events and help with recruiting, health fairs, and college days events. Their efforts are invaluable during Fall semester registration. The College plans to continue the "Joe" concept indefinitely.
    4. Marketing is charged with the responsibility of ensuring that all of the College's marketing activities reflect the high quality of the institution, and that state, federal, and the Tennessee Board of Regents' (TBR) communications requirements are met.
  2. Marketing Subunits
    1. Marketing is divided into four subunits: Marketing, Marketing Design and Publications, Communications, and Web Design Content. Each of these subunits provides distinct but interconnected services. The production of a document or the planning of an event might begin with Marketing's analysis of audiences and distribution avenues, continue in Design and Publications for design of the document, and conclude with buying media advertising on radio, television, and in community publications. All changes and new information for the Web site are submitted to the webmaster who is responsible for approving, viewing, editing, and designing prior to publication.
  3. Hours of Operation
    1. The Marketing Department is open Monday through Friday from 7:30 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. Requests for services outside these times are considered, contingent upon the previously scheduled commitments of the Market team members.
  4. Costs
    1. With one exception, Marketing and Marketing Design and Publications do not charge the other College departments for services provided. College departments are charged for posters, banners, and any job that requires use of the poster printer. Due to the cost of paper and ink, the equipment is costly to operate. There is also the cost of foam core for signs that are mounted. The final cost is based on the cost of the supplies. Cost statements are sent to the business office once a month; the money is deducted from the requesting department's budget and credited to Marketing. For brochures, the final design of the document is sent to printing services, along with the requesting department's account number. Printing services' schedule of charges is listed in section 07:03:00 of the Chattanooga State Community College's Policies and Procedures. Printing services' budget is credited by the business office for the costs incurred.
  1. The Marketing department provides a broad range of services. Additional questions about services may be addressed to any member of the Marketing team. The Marketing department uses an online work order that must be submitted for all service requests. If the request is for a brochure, flyer, ad, or other visual material, the content of the piece must be attached to the work order in the form of a Microsoft Word document. Once the work order is submitted, it will be assigned to the appropriate team member who will contact the requester for additional instructions.
  2. The services provided by Marketing align with one or more of the following criteria:
    1. Enhancing the College's image in the community and beyond
    2. Encouraging enrollment in credit and noncredit programs
    3. Enhancing the learning process and campus life
  3. The services provided by Marketing include planning, research, administering the bid process, managing news releases and media coverage, coordinating and providing photographic services, advertising, administering the printing of marketing materials, logo copyright compliance, processing stationery requests, coordination of promotional items, production of posters, banners, and signage, and mailing of marketing material.
    1. Planning - The Marketing department is eager to provide planning assistance to any person in the campus community. This assistance can range from designing a small brochure to planning a campus-wide event. The planning process may include audience analysis, cost analysis and control, traditional and alternative communication methods, and creation of a production calendar.
  4. Research - Marketing has a team member whose primary job is to provide statistical analysis of data compiled from focus groups and surveys. The focus groups and surveys are geared toward current students of the College, prospective high school students, nontraditional students, and the general population. Using these research methods, Marketing collects information that facilitates continuous improvements to the College's processes and customer relationship management. This research is invaluable in identifying the College's target audience.
  5. Bid process - Marketing follows the state's requirements concerning the bid process. Off-campus vendors must submit a bid for certain items and services that are purchased by the College. For purchases over $5000, the Marketing department will submit bid requests to no less than three vendors. For purchases over $10,000, the Marketing department provides preliminary bid and vendor information to the business office; the business office formalizes the bid specification document, mails the document to at least 15 appropriate vendors, and awards the bid to the lowest bidder.
  6. News releases and media coverage -
    1. All news releases are issued through Marketing, including information that originates from student organizations and student-related activities. Marketing provides all types of news releases to the media at large and to specific publications. Distribution is accomplished through e-mails, with follow-up phone calls to all media outlets in the community.
    2. Before distribution, all news releases are approved by the person originating the information and by the Director of Marketing and Communications. The Coordinator of Marketing, with assistance from the Public Relations Specialist, is responsible for gathering information that will generate more media coverage for the College. Special emphasis is placed on no-cost publicity for the College. This is accomplished through a cohesive relationship with local newspaper reporters and radio and television personalities.
  7. In order to maximize media coverage, all news release information must be submitted to Marketing at least ten (10) working days prior to the desired date of publication. Some types of coverage require additional lead time by Marketing and the media. Items submitted late will be considered for release on an individual basis.
  8. Marketing cannot guarantee that the media will use any news release from the College. Follow-up requests or reminders to the media are only made under certain circumstances.
  9. All story leads, feature material, and talk show appearances will be coordinated through the Marketing Department.
  10. Any faculty or staff member contacted by the media is required to report the contact to Marketing and to the President's office. While it is not the role of Marketing to approve contact with the media in this circumstance, the department can offer guidance in media relations. Additionally, Marketing is responsible for archiving all information about the College that appears in the media; notifying the department of all contact by the media ensures that the archive records are accurate.
  11. Photographic services
    1. Marketing can provide or arrange for a variety of photographic services. The College employs a part-time photographer. An online work order must be completed to schedule photographic services.
  12. Advertising
    1. All advertising is placed through Marketing. This includes advertising in electronic and print format, and advertising in a major or minor carrier. The College utilizes many types of advertising to promote its messages, and each request is individually evaluated. Funding for advertising may come from Marketing, the requesting department, or a combination of sources. All advertising artwork is produced by Marketing. It is reviewed by the Director of Marketing and Communications who determines if presidential approval is required (see TBR policy 4:06:00:00).
  13. Printing of marketing materials
    1. Most marketing documents are printed on campus in the College's print shop. The final design of the document is sent to the College's print shop, along with the requesting department's account number. Printing services' budget is credited by the business office for the costs incurred. Printing services' schedule of charges is listed in section 07:03:00 of the Chattanooga State Community College's Policies and Procedures.
  14. Logo copyright compliance
    1. Chattanooga State Community College's logo is copyrighted. The College's logo appears on all letterhead, business cards, publications, brochures, fax sheets, information sheets, advertisements, and materials produced by the institution. Use of the logo is approved by the College's President or his designee.
    2. The logo may not be altered in any way. It is only printed in its approved colors, which are Pantone royal blue and orange, or black and white; no alternate colors are used unless approved by the Director of Marketing and Communications.
    3. Requests to have the logo placed on any publication or promotional item must be made through the Director of Marketing. Camera-ready logos are available on the College Web site for use by outside organizations that have a legitimate reason for reproducing the logo; those requests for use are made through the Director of Marketing and Communications.
    4. No logos are created for individual departments without prior permission; those requests can be made through the Director of Marketing and Communications.
  15. Stationery
    1. The Tennessee Board of Regents has instructed that for other than business cards, no item of stationery may have the name of a person printed on it; only the person's title can be printed. All stationery and envelopes are printed on 20# bond with the two approved ink colors.
    2. Business cards are printed on 80# white linen cover stock. Business cards are only available to certain individuals; for further clarification, see the guidelines on the business card request form. Once the form has been approved, the Marketing team will prepare the business card for proofing by the requester and printing by the print shop. Business cards are only printed in multiples of 250.
  16. Promotional items
    1. Various departments within the College produce promotional items such as t-shirts, mugs, pencils, and other promotional items for approved projects. All production of such items is coordinated through the Director of Marketing and Communications. Expenditures for promotional items must be approved before the Marketing team will proceed with production. The requesting department should allow at least four weeks for production and delivery of most promotional items. For detailed information about promotional items, contact the Director of Marketing and Communications or a Marketing team member.
  17. Posters, banners, and signage
    1. Information about permanent outdoor signage is available from the Director of Physical Plant (refer to section 08:00:00, Signs and Posters, of the Chattanooga State Community College's Policies and Procedures).
    2. Temporary indoor posters and banners can be produced by the Marketing team. Temporary outdoor posters and banners can also be produced on multiuse, weatherproof material. The department that originates the order is responsible for the production costs.
  18. Mailing of marketing material
    1. The guidelines for mailing are extremely complicated and change frequently. The United States Post Office reserves the right to refuse any incorrectly prepared mailing or to charge a higher postage rate. Marketing has the latest mailing and postage guidelines, and will prepare the document accordingly. For large mailings, the Marketing department will utilize an off-campus mailing service. The charge for this service and the postage are dependent upon the type of publication; for most marketing materials, the requesting department will be responsible for the mailing and postage costs.
  19. Requesting Services
    1. A completed work order form, available online in TigerWeb, is required to request services or assistance from the Marketing department. This work order goes to the Director of Marketing and Communications for assignment to a Marketing team member. All publications printed for public distribution by Chattanooga State Community College must have a publication number and the proper EEO/Affirmative Action statement. The designated designer assigns the publication number. All requests must be accompanied by the content of the piece; the content of the piece must
    2. be attached to the completed work order in the form of a Microsoft Word document or comparable format. Marketing is a Mac-based department, but does have the ability to convert from a PC environment to the Mac environment.
    3. After the designers prepare a document based on the requester's general idea, the document will be approved and proofed by the requester prior to printing.
  20. Web Services
    1. The College Web pages and sites are under the direction of a Web Specialist who is a viable part of the College's Marketing department. The Web Specialist defines the standards that govern all Web pages and sites for the College. All development efforts must follow the standards defined in Section 00:00:03, Web Page Policies and Procedures, of the Chattanooga State Community College's Policies and Procedures.

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