Jul 16, 2018  

Business and Finance (Includes Physical Plant)

04:28:00 Recycling
  1. Introduction
    1. In keeping with the college's commitment to environmental stewardship, a campus wide program for recycling paper products is followed. Blue bag receptacles are provided to interested employees for most types of paper recycling.
  2. Procedures
    1. Containers are placed in offices, halls, and classrooms.
    2. Once full, the responsible employee takes the bags to the designated drop off point in their building.
    3. Drop off days are on each Thursday.
    4. Empty bags can be obtained at the drop off point or by calling Plant Operations.
    5. The custodial staff will transport the full bags to the Physical Plant for pick up by the recycler on Fridays.
    6. No cardboard or newsprint should be placed in the bags as the college recycles cardboard separately.
    7. Cardboard is collected at the pick up points and transported to either behind the cafeteria, behind the bookstore, or to the Physical Plant for pick up by the recycling contractor.
  3. Other Recycled Materials
    1. Plant Operations also recycles used oils, fluorescent light bulbs and ballasts, automotive batteries, tires, and wooden pallets.

Approved: Executive Staff, 05/20/09
Approved: President's Cabinet, 05/20/09
Approved: President, 05/20/09
Reviewed: Business and Finance, January 28, 2009