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Business and Finance (Includes Physical Plant)

Move and Renovation Procedures
04:22:00 Move and Renovation Procedures


  1. Moves can generally be divided into three categories or combinations of these categories:
    1. Moves of furniture/people within an area.
    2. Moves of furniture/people from one area or building to another.
    3. Moves, including labs and classrooms, which involve construction or modification to the physical space and/or support systems. This category involves obtaining TBR approval and oftentimes an architect must be contracted in order to design the changes or additions to insure that all applicable building codes are met.
  2. On most all moves one or more of the following must be considered: carpet/flooring, paint, communications outlets, electrical requirements, lighting, plumbing, ADA requirements, locks and keys, HVAC, and furniture and equipment procurement and placement.
  3. To insure a relatively smooth move please do the following:
    1. Contact Plant Operations and the Computer Center (the Computer Center is responsible for all computer and telecommunications installations). Arrange for a pre-move meeting in order to determine the feasibility of the requested move. Information needed at this meeting will include, the number of people moving, the size of the area involved, the area to move from and the area to move to, a sketch of the desired new area design, and any special needs such as electrical, HVAC, plumbing, etc.
    2. A move packet with all needed forms such as work orders, key requests, (see Key and Locking Systems Policy) etc. will be provided by Plant Operations at this meeting.
    3. An estimate for any cost to be incurred by the requesting department will be provided from the information that is provided in this meeting. Money needed for any renovation should be requested and approved for the current fiscal year during the annual budget cycle for the College.
    4. Any changes to the renovation request will require re-estimation of the cost and possible delay of the project.
    5. Discuss the cost with your Vice-President to determine if the project should continue.
    6. Once the decision to continue is made you should initiate a Plant Operations Work Order Request and a Computer Services Request Form in as far in advance as possible.
    7. Moves and renovations must be scheduled by Plant Operations due to existing work and prior commitments.
  4. Extensive or involved renovations may require several meetings in order to finalize specifications for the bid process. Some or all of the renovation may be contracted out depending on the time factor and Plant Operations' work load.
  5. Once renovations are complete, assuming they are required, the person or department to move will be contacted.
  6. At that time a meeting with Plant Operations should be scheduled in order to go over the specifics of the move. Two employees from the department to move need to attend so as to have a backup contact. A Move Checklist will be provided at this meeting to determine what is to be done by the department and what Plant Operations will do.

I. The person moving will need to do the following prior to a move:

  1. The contents of all bookshelves must be packed in boxes and ready for transport.
  2. All contents of lateral file cabinets must be packed in boxes.
  3. The contents of vertical file cabinets may or may not need to be removed and packed. This will be determined during the move meeting.
  4. Any desk drawers that cannot be removed must have their contents removed and packed in boxes.
  5. If building to building transport is required all contents of all desks and cabinets must be removed and packed in boxes.
  6. The owner should transport fragile and delicate items, as Plant Operations will not be responsible for loss or damage.
  7. All boxes should be taped closed and marked with the name of owner and the location of the new area to be moved to.
  8. The boxes should not be extremely large or packed with too much weight. With advanced notice boxes can be obtained from Plant Operations.
  9. Any items to go to storage or to stay in place should be marked. Items bound for surplus must have an Equipment Inventory Adjustment Sheet completed for any item that has an inventory tag. These forms are available from the Business Office.
  10. Furniture to be moved should have its new destination taped to the top surface. On the day of the move a person that is familiar with the new area set-up and furniture placement should be available. Plant Operations will not return to relocate furniture or equipment once it is placed in the new area. Failure to abide by the above requirements will result in delays in the move until the requirements are completed.
  1. Any person that is to move must complete an Authorization for Building Key Request Form for the area they are to move to. All keys to previously occupied area must be turned into Plant Operations unless a need for access to that area continues. Keys must not be swapped or exchanged between employees.
  2. Notify the Switchboard, Mail Services, Shipping and Receiving, and the campus directory service in Marketing of your new location.

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