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Business and Finance (Includes Physical Plant)

Equipment Inventory and Property Control
04:12:00 Equipment Inventory and Property Control


  1. Introduction
    1. All equipment owned by Chattanooga State Community College will be used only for the support of the College in the fulfillment of its role and scope. No equipment is to be used for personal use or gain. All Chattanooga State equipment will remain on campus unless prior written approval of the appropriate vice president has been obtained and forwarded to the Business Office.
  2. Equipment Inventory
    1. All equipment received by Chattanooga State will have a state property tag affixed if the value is over $5,000. Items valued less that $5,000 should be kept on in-house departmental inventories. All tagged equipment will be inventoried once a year. A physical inventory will be taken annually by the divisions according to written instructions provided by the Business Office.
  3. Equipment Control
    1. When equipment is received and tagged, it is assigned to a responsible person, department, and room location. If this equipment is transferred to another person, department, or different location, the responsible person listed must complete an Inventory Adjustment Sheet and submit it to the Business Office after proper signatures have been obtained. Temporary location changes (less than one week) for individual items of equipment are not required to be reported to the Business Office. If it is deemed necessary for equipment to be removed from campus for business purposes, approval and documentation should be maintained in the department.
  4. Change of Status
    1. Whenever equipment has changed status (obsolete, broken, surplus), the responsible person must complete the Inventory Adjustment Sheet and return it to the Business Office after proper signatures have been obtained. A copy of this form will be forwarded to the Physical Plant to schedule removal of the items.
  5. Missing Property
    1. If property is discovered missing, immediate notification should be made to the Campus Security Division (697-4467). Security will conduct an investigation of the missing items and will file a report with the Business Office. If the item is on equipment inventory, the person responsible forthese items also must complete an Inventory Adjustment Sheet and forward it to the Business Office.
  6. Surplus and Stored Equipment
    1. Any equipment items that have been deemed as surplus by a department and have been moved to the warehouse may be acquired by another department. Any department may view items held in surplus by calling the Director of the Physical Plant to set up an appointment. If the departmentfinds a piece of equipment that suits their needs in the surplus, they may acquire it by submitting an Inventory Adjustment Sheet and a work order to have the equipment moved to their department and out of surplus. If a department needs to have equipment stored in the warehouse, they need to contact the Director of the Physical Plant. If space is available, short-term storage can be arranged. Any item going into storage needs to be identified with a  responsible person's name, department, the date item is going into storage, and the removal date. Because of limited space, removal date will be enforced.
    2. For information regarding Disposal of Surplus Personal Property see TBR policy no. 4:02:20:00.
    3. TBR Policy Disposal of Records

Approved: Executive Staff, 05/20/09
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Approved: President, 05/20/09
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