Jun 20, 2018  

Business and Finance (Includes Physical Plant)

Accounts Payable
04:01:00 Accounts Payable


  1. Requisitions are entered into the Banner System by each department for items to be ordered and submitted for approval. When items have been received within the department, the individual responsible for the shipment verifies the order. A copy of the invoice is noted as to the items received and submitted to the accounts payable department for payment. If an order is not complete, then only those items received are noted on the invoice copy as being complete and submitted to the accounts payable department for payment. Invoices are normally mailed directly to the accounts payable department; however, if you receive an invoice please forward to accounts payable.
  2. Purchase Orders are matched with invoices and processed for payment. Checks are prepared Tuesdays and Thursdays of each week and available for release on Wednesdays and Fridays. Some vendors (i.e. Target), will not accept purchase orders; therefore, a check is required in order for merchandise to be picked up. The employee must come by the Business Office to secure the check.

Approved: Executive Staff, 05/20/09
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Approved: President, 05/20/09
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