Mar 19, 2019  

Student Affairs

Student Complaints
03:36:00 Student Complaints


  1. If a student feels he/she has not received fair treatment or if he or she has a complaint regarding another student, a faculty or staff member or some situation or condition of the college, guidelines for filing a written complaint are available in the office of the Dean of Student Life. Students are informed about available resources for filing a complaint during new Student Orientation, in the Chattanooga State Student Handbook and on the Chattanooga State Website.
  2. Within five working days from the action or condition giving rise to the complaint, complainant should first seek resolution of the grievance through an appointment with the relevant individual, department or office. If the problem has not been resolved within five working days after this appointment, the Dean of Student Life or his/her designee will meet with the complainant and begin the complaint process. Fair and prompt consideration shall be given to all complainants in accordance with the procedures available. Every attempt will be made to resolve the complaint at the lowest possible level. Requests for information and resolution will be made by the Dean of Student Life or his or her designee to appropriate academic department heads. (Complaint forms and procedures are available in the Office of the Dean of Student Life).
  3. If the complaint involves alleged discrimination or sexual harassment, the student will follow the guidelines for lodging a sexual harassment or discrimination complaint. Sexual harassment complaints and discrimination complaints will invoke the guidelines of the Tennessee Board of Regents Guideline (PO80). Student can report these incidents to the Office of the Dean of Student Life and Judicial Affairs and the appropriate procedures will be followed. (See Sexual Offense Policy and procedures and Discrimination Policy and procedures).

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