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  1. Introduction:    

Information Technology Services (ITS) is responsible for providing IT support to our customers throughout the ChSCC campus. This policy describes how customers can request support, request changes, and notifications of system outages.   

  1. Purpose:

This policy provides guidance for what is to be considered the base or core service roles/responsibilities agreement between IT Services and the ChSCC community.  

  1. Scope:

The scope of this policy includes all College staff, faculty, adjuncts, and vendors. Student support is provided by Library Services.

  1. Customer Support - IT Service Desk
    1. Incident Management, Service Request & Dispatch Services

The ITS Service Desk is the single point of contact responsible for rapid restoration and service fulfillment related to Information technology problem resolution for ChSCC. The Service Desk is the most expedient manner to address any computer problem. The ITS Service Desk provides the following support:

  • Receives phone calls from all Information Technology Services customers.
  • Captures all relevant information from the client on the first contact to initialize a work order if customer is off campus or not able to access work order system.
  • Provides an initial assessment and attempts first call resolution, if appropriate.
  • Determines urgency and impact levels (prioritization) for an incident if it cannot be resolved during initial contact to the Service Desk.
  • Dispatches unresolved incidents to second-level support.
  • Escalates Break / Fix requests according to service levels.
  • Upon completion, promptly updates and closes incidents with full descriptions of incident resolution and/or service delivery.
  1. Services Not Provided:
  • Support for computers and other devices not owned by ChSCC
  • Support for event setups.(These are handled by Media Services)
  • Support for non-ChSCC activities (e.g., games, personal business, etc.)
  1. 4.3 Core Support Hours:
  • Support Hours: M - F:  07:30 - 17:30
  • All requests for after hour support must be requested at least 72 hours before the date needed.
  • If there is an emergency requiring after hours support these request should be directed to the AVP - IT Services who will contact the appropriate personnel.
  1. Product Support:

Products supported by ITS fall into three separate categories: 1) Fully supported products (also includes enterprise wide products i.e. Banner and Banner attached tools/software); 2) Limited support products (products that are used for individual departmental purposes; and 3) Unsupported products (products used for personal work, etc.).

  1. 5.1 Core Product Support: Core (enterprise-wide) products are listed in Appendix A of this policy. , Information Technology Services is committed to providing complete support including installation, configuration, day-to-day support, on-going maintenance, security support and troubleshooting.  This list will be kept up-to-date as products change.
  2. Core (Standard) ChSCC Support products have the following characteristics:

• Products are critical to the ChSCC mission.

• Products are widely used across the main ChSCC campuses.

• Sufficient (trained) support resources exist.

• Valid licenses exist and vendor maintenance is in place.

  1. Limited Product Support:
    1. Information Technology Services will provide minimum support for the products listed in Appendix B. This support will be scheduled as time permits and will not take precedence over Core ChSCC Support initiatives. This list will be kept up-to-date as products change.
    2. Limited Support products have the following characteristics:
  • The use of these products must serve the interests of ChSCC and be cost effective to support.
  • IT Services may be involved in the installation, but might not be able to provide in-depth support for usage of these products.
  • All vendors, whose products are used with privacy information, must provide in their contract that they will protect all data provided to them.
  • Valid licenses exist and product support is in place through the vendor. Customers might be vendor contact.
  • Hardware support is subject to parts availability. Virus protection must be applied to all hardware.
  • Information Technology Services cannot guarantee that these products or systems will work in the ChSCC environment.
  • To ensure products will work, please notify IT Services before purchase of product.
  1. Unsupported Products:
    1. Information Technology Services might not be able to provide support for the products listed in Appendix C. These products have either never been supported or have been retired from the Information Technology Services Support lists. This list will be kept up-to-date as products change. 
    2. Unsupported products have the following characteristics:
  • Products may be out of date.
  • The vendor may have discontinued support.
  • Parts are no longer available.
  • The product does not run in Chattanooga State environment.
  • The software does not have valid licensing.
  • Support for computers not owned (or leased) by ChSCC.
  1. Service Desk Support:
    1. This process is to manage technology-related inquiries for all ITS customers. The service provided by this process is critical as it:
  • Provides a single point of contact for ChSCC customers
  • Delivers responsive support to educational and business services
  • Supports changes across business, technology and processboundaries software
  1. How to Access ITS Service Desk:
    1. All customers may access the Service Desk through the following methods:  
  • : 423-697-3375
  • IT Services website: https://itservices.chattanoogastate.edu/
  • Tiger Web Portal: click on My Work tab, then click on Online Work Orders Information Technology Services Tab
  1. Request Response:
    1. ITS's goal is to have our customers reach an individual each time they place a phone request; however, circumstances might prevent that capability at certain times.
  • If you are sent to the Service Desk voice mail system, our goal is to respond to voice mail requests within 30 minutes.
  • ITS employee/staff, who is assigned the work order for handling, has the goal to respond to the initiating customer within 4 hours of receipt of the work order.As part of this initial customer discussion, if requested due dates are not possible based on current work load, a new due date will be discussed and hopefully agreed to. If an agreement for a new due date cannot be reached, then customer escalation is an avenue for requesting an upgrade to the priority of the work order in order to meet due date requested.
  1. Customer Escalation Requests:
    1. Customer requests to escalate the priority of their work order above other work orders already in queue should only be invoked under exceptional or unforeseen circumstances - in other words a true emergency that will have significant negative impact to the campus if not completed within requested timeframe.  ChSCC staff and faculty may request escalation of an existing work order by providing a written (email) request from their Director or VP level management level staff.  Please send these requests to the AVP of IT Services.   All requests need to include the business reason justifying the need to escalate. Information Technology Services will evaluate alternatives and contact the customer and their manager.  If other due dates for other critical projects or work orders will be negatively impacted in order to perform new work requested, discussions with management up to and/or including VP managers could be necessary.
  2.    Production System Outage Notification:
    1. IT Services strives to keep service outages to a minimum.  Service outages are fall into two major categories; planned outages and unplanned outages.    
    2. Planned Outages  
  • Planned outages occur when equipment is repaired or replaced, or when they are necessary to make software upgrades.  IT Services attempts to schedule outages as far in advanced as possible.  When IT Services becomes aware of the necessity of an outage, IT Services begins the process of scheduling the outage in consultation with the affected areas.  Once a time is agreed upon, a Campus Announcement is emailed notify the entire campus of the time and details of the outage.   This information is also posted on the IT Services website. 
  1.   Unplanned Outages
    1. Anyone that suspects a ITS production system is not working as usual or suspects an outage of an enterprise-wide production system (i.e., Banner, Luminis, Internet, email, etc.) should notify the ITS Service Desk immediately. If deemed to be necessary, Service Desk personnel will start escalation and tracking of the issue. The following timeframes for escalation are suggested guidelines. Certain situations might require an earlier or later escalation timeframe:
    2. Initial Notification - appropriate ITS "owning" manager will be notified by Service Desk personnel as soon as possible. The 'owning' manager will contact technical staff to determine if outage exists and, if needed, a return to service time estimate.
  • 30 minutes or less return to service time estimate - If time of return to service is estimated to be 30 minutes or less, the "owning" ITS manager will notify Assistant VP of Information Technology Services and report back to Service Desk personnel.  If issue is resolved within the 30 minute window, the work order is closed.
  1. Unknown return to service time estimate - Owning manager will be notified by Service Desk personnel of situation. Assistant VP of Information Technology Services will be notified. If outage continues for more than 30 minutes without return to service estimate a draft of customer notification of system outage will be sent to Assistant VP of Information Technology Services for approval. Once approved, notification will be sent out to all campus through Campus Announcement and/or voice mail. If situation continues for more than 2 hours, hourly updates will be provided on situation until the situation is resolved. If time estimate ends up being 30 minutes or less, follow that estimate guideline.



Tennessee Board of Regents (TBR) Information Technology Policy 1:08:00:00

ChSCC Information and Technology 08:14 Information Technology Responsible Use

ChSCC Information and Technology 08:17 Computer Access Policy

ChSCC Information and Technology 08:18 Network Access

Approved: President, 2/17/2016

Reviewed and Revised by: Information Technology Services, 2/11/2016