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02:45:00 Veterans


  1. All veterans' matters are handled by the Veterans Affairs clerk in Financial Aid.
  1. To receive benefits, veterans must:
    1. be enrolled in an associate degree program or in an Industrial Technology certificate program.
    2. submit a certified copy of DD 214. Reservists also need a DD 2384 from their Commanding Officer.
    3. register for classes and pay fees.
  1. Certification
    1. Upon admission and registration, veterans may request Veterans Affairs to complete an advance certification form to be included with the Application for Benefits to the Veterans Administration. Requests for advance pay must be processed 30-45 days prior to the date of Registration in order to expedite the veteran's first check. Certification of enrollment cannot be sent to the Veterans Administration until the enrollment process is complete, including payment of fees.
  2. Qualifying Courses
    1. A veteran can only be paid for courses listed in the catalog as required for his/her designated major.
  3. Industrial Technology Programs
    1. Veterans enrolled in Industrial Technology programs are certified for clock-hour certificates. Credit may be given for previous education or training as determined by the instructor and approved by the Vice President for Academic Affairs at initial enrollment.
  4. Class Attendance
    1. Veterans' attendance requirements are detailed in the brochure for Veterans.
  5. Full-time Status
    1. The Veterans Administration accepts, as full-time, students who meet either of the following criteria:
    2. a. degree-seeking students taking 12 or more credit hours per semester.
    3. b. Industrial Technology students enrolled in clock hour programs meeting at least 30 hours per week.
  1. Academic Fresh Start
    1. Veterans are not eligible for Academic Fresh Start.
I. Veterans Brochure
  1. A brochure with detailed information is available in Veterans Affairs.

Source: CSCC 2000-2001 catalog

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