Jun 21, 2018  

Academic Affairs

Credit for Life Experience
02:12:03 Credit for Life Experience


  1. Individuals who have not earned an associate or baccalaureate degree may be eligible to petition to receive credit for work experience and/or certified professional programs. A student who has previously taken the petitioned course may not request Credit for Life Experience. Credit hours earned by Life Experience are not considered part of the College's Graduation Residency Requirement. Credit for Life Experience may be granted by:

  2. Verification of College Credit Recommendation in the Directory of the National Program on Non collegiate Sponsored Instruction (published by the University of the State of New York and the State Education Department of New York).


  1. Up to nine (9) semester hours may be granted upon submission of a portfolio documenting professional experience that directly relates to the content of specific courses offered by Chattanooga State AND approval of this portfolio by a Faculty Committee. The portfolio process must be initiated at least two semesters before graduating. A non-refundable assessment fee, equivalent to the per-credit-hour maintenance/tuition fee, must be paid prior to faculty assessment of the student's portfolio. Step-by-step procedures are listed in the Student Handbook. Assessment by portfolio is allowed only if credit by exam (including CLEP) is not available.

Approved: Executive Staff, 05/20/09
Approved: President's Cabinet, 05/20/09
Approved: President, 05/20/09
Reviewed and Revised by: Academic Affairs, 03/20/09