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Class Attendance
02:09:00 Class Attendance

A. This purpose of this policy is to address student and instructor expectations for attendance.
B. Students are obligated for all the work that may be assigned and for regular class attendance. Absences, excused or unexcused, do not absolve him/her of this responsibility.
C. The instructor sets the attendance requirements for a class. At the beginning ofthe term, the instructor will distribute the class attendance policy, including anexplanation of any grade penalties that result from failure to comply with the policy. An unsatisfactory attendance record may negatively affect the final grade as well as enrollment verification. It is each student's responsibility to know the
attendance policy in each of his/her classes.
D. Students who are members of school-sanctioned organizations will not incur grade penalties for classes not attended or class assignments/exams missed while representing Chattanooga State at scheduled events. At the beginning of each semester, the student must present a letter of organizational membership and a tentative activity schedule that has been developed and signed by the
organization sponsor. It is also the student's responsibility to notify the teacher in advance of any class he/she will miss. The student must complete missed assigned work/exams. Scheduled completion time will be at the discretion of the instructor.
E. As an integral part of financial aid, attendance for all students is required to be monitored and reported electronically during the first two weeks of the semester. Each academic division provides detailed instructions for faculty.
F. As faculty members must report a last date of attendance when assigning a grade of "F" to a student, maintaining accurate attendance records throughout the semester is recommended.

Dr. Rebecca Ashford, President                           January 10, 2017                                                                                    

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Source: CSCC 2000-2001 Catalog

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