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Philosopy and Purpose

Mission Statement 2015-2025
00:01:00 Mission Statement
  1. Mission:
    1. Chattanooga State is an educationally purposeful community where faculty, staff, and students share academic goals and strive for high standards that lead to the attainment of degrees and certificates, meaningful careers, and a committed citizenry of lifelong learners.
  2. We are ...
    1. A comprehensive, community college in the Tennessee Board of Regents System, Accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools. Chattanooga State maintains national accreditation in all of its eligible programs.  The College is distinguished by a diverse service area population, high market penetration, breadth of curriculum, and impact on the business-industrial-professional community of southeast Tennessee.
    2. Chattanooga State serves a six-county area of southeast Tennessee and bordering counties of north Georgia and Alabama (and a larger service area for emergency tech and related subjects) as an open-entry postsecondary institution offering over 50 majors of study toward these degrees and certificates:
  1. Associate of Arts
  2. Associate of Science
  3. Associate of Applied Science
  4. Technical Certificates
  5. Institutional Certificates
  1. Chattanooga State delivers its programs and services at many sites in its service area as well as globally via distance learning technologies.
  1. We provide...
    1. A wide array of programs and services, including:
      1. Degree and certificate study for career preparation and advancement
      2. University parallel (transfer) studies leading to associate degrees
      3. Partnerships with secondary schools, state and community agencies, and the private sector
      4. Non-credit coursework (including CEU study)
      5. Transitional Studies (reading, writing and basic math)
      6. Adult education/GED preparation/English as second language
      7. Technological and occupational training
      8. Cultural diversity and environmental health initiatives
      9. Mentoring, advising, strengths-base planning for education and career counseling, and tutoring
  2. We value...
    1. Those who consistently act in the best interest of students and the College;
    2. Those who get things accomplished;
    3. Those who are transparent, direct, truthful and non-manipulative;
    4. Those who are positive in outlook;
    5. Those who build constructive workplace relationships;
    6. Those who have made the commitment to continue their formal education and willingly make sacrifices to ensure they accomplish their goals;
    7. Those who seek additional avenues to learning by availing themselves of continuing education; and
    8. Those who, as part of their commitment to the community, provide resources to Chattanooga State.
  3. We commit to fulfilling our mission by...
    1. Selecting and supporting faculty and staff members known for superior teaching, applied research and professional service.  
    2. Encouraging all employees to grow personally and professionally as we create community awareness of their capabilities.
    3. Creating through scholarly program design, high quality and timely educational programs and services, that are responsive to community needs.
    4. Instilling a desire for lifelong learning and a love of knowledge in all members of the College family.
    5. Fostering a climate of success for all students through counseling, support groups, financial aid, career planning, advisement, library facilities, laboratories, tutoring, co-curricular activities, sports and recreation.
    6. Holding ourselves publicly accountable for our commitments as we accomplish them through careful utilization of resources, strategic planning, financial controls, employee professional development, public-private partnerships, and alternative funding.
    7. Graduating students and who possess written and oral communication skills; computational skills; competence in the use of computers; the ability to think critically, listen, and contribute to work teams; and knowledge of the workplace.
    8. Producing students who demonstrate qualities of good character, work ethic and citizenship.


Approved: Executive Staff, August 21, 2000, May 20, 2009, February 2011
Approved: President's Cabinet, August 21, 2000, May 20, 2009, February 2011
Approved: President, August 21, 2000, May 20, 2009, February 2011
Approved: TBR, December 14, 2004, February 2011    

Approved: Interim President, Dr. Fannie Hewlett, May, 2015